Single Handed

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Single Handed Chris Price Casting with Style

Listed below are some of the fundamental casts:

  • Roll Cast
  • Overhead Cast
  • Adapting your Cast to wind conditions
  • Hauling (Single and double)
  • Presentation Casts (Mends and curves)
  • Slack Line Cast
  • Jump/Switch Cast
  • Spey Cast (Single and double spey)
  • Snake Roll
  • Distance Casting
  • Snap Casts (Snap T, C, Z and circle spey)
  • Shooting Heads and Skagit Casting

Lessons can be tailored to your needs and specifications.

Some casts require running water to get the most from the technique, while others can be carried out on still water or grass.

Equipment can be provided if required for further information please contact


If you would like further information please feel free to contact me